A curated palette of cookies
by color // flavor:

red // tomato
ketchup macarons
peanut butter ketchup

yellow // corn
cornflake bacon
cornflake chocolate chip marshmellow
cornmeal cayenne butterscotch

gold // ginger
ginger miso peanut butter
triple ginger

orange // spice
garam masala
peanut butter curry

green // olive oil
olive oil madeleines
saffron olive oil grand marnier
olive oil rosemary red wine

green // herbs
rosemary cornmeal
lemon-lime basil sugar

purple // lavender
coconut lavender
lavender blueberry white chocolate

brown // nibs
nibby buckwheat butter
cocoa nib pavlovas
cardamom pistachio nib

grey // sea salt
fleur del sel chocolate chip
sea salt caramel pine nut
sea salt honey maple

black // pepper
hazelnut pepper
strawberry black pepper chocolate
black pepper anise
chocolate espresso black pepper

black // tea
vanilla cardamom darjeeling
earl grey orange zest
chai butter


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